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Network Staff

Network Staff

Network Staff

Clinical, Program and Support Leadership

Angela Ives, RN, CCM – Executive Director

Megan Rose, PharmD - Deputy Director, Network Pharmacist

Henry Hawthorne, MD – Associate Medical Director, Pediatric Consultant

Catherine McCall, MD – Network Psychiatrist

Lydia Wright, MD – Maternal/Fetal Medicine Clinical Champion

Randy Barrington, MBA, CPHQ – Provider Services Director

Elissa Hanson, MSW, LCSW, CCM – Behavioral Health Director

Beverly Newton, RN, CCM – Care Management Operations Director

Tami Hilton, RN, CCM – Care Management Program Director

Donna Meacham, CPA – Chief Financial Officer

Sheila Mallard – Human Resources Associate Director

Sarah Ridout, MBA, SPHR – Communications and Development Director

Tania Corbi, BS – Executive Coordinator/HR


Care Management by County

Team Leaders

Shelley Merritt, RN, CCM – Bladen, Brunswick and Columbus Counties

Kathy Reese, RN, CCM – Onslow and Pender Counties

Bladen County

Kathi Smith, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Tonya Suggs, RN CCM – Care Manager

Brunswick County

Wanda Jenkins, RN, MSN, CCM – Care Manager

Brittany McElroy, RN – Care Manager

Columbus County

Tina McPherson, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Tammie Hyatt, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Shelly Lanier, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Kelly Reeves, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Tammy Drake – Patient Care Coordinator

New Hanover County

Mary Stephens, BA, CCM – Inpatient Care Manager

Susan Boyd, RN - Care Manager

Casey Merritt, RN – Care Manager

Rhonda Huston, RN – Care Manager

Heather Sevy, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Debra C Clifton, RN – Care Manager

Shona Rockholt, RN – Care Manager

Colby Proffitt, RN – Care Manager

Onslow & Pender Counties

Sherry Comentale, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Ashley Thomas, RN – Care Manager

Jamie Napier, RN, BSN – Care Manager

Kelly Moser, RN - Care Manager

Kathleen Wise, SW - Care Manager

Rennie Thompson, LPN – Patient Care Coordinator


Program Specialties

Behavioral Health Team

Elissa Hanson, MSW, LCSW, CCM – Behavioral Health Program Director

Richard Berg – Behavioral Health Patient Care Coordinator

Jesse Hardin – Behavioral Health Quality Improvement Coordinator

Michael Doyle, RN – Behavioral Health Care Manager

Pediatrics Team

Tami Hilton, RN, CCM – Care Management Program Director

Shelley Lanier, RN, CCM – Care Manager

Jamie Napier, RN, BSN – Care Manager

Brittany McElroy, RN - Care Manager

Jane Kinlaw, LPN - Health Check Coor/ Population Outreach Coor

Kay Bradshaw – Health Check Coor/Q I Associate

Debbie Noreski - Patient Care Coordinator

Provider Services/Quality Improvement Team

Randy Barrington, MBA, CPHQ – Program Services Director

Susan Martin, CHTS – Privacy and Security Officer/NAM

Pat Johnson, RN, MSN, CDE – Quality Improvement Nurse

Doris Robinson, RN-BC, MSN, CCM – Pregnancy Home Nurse Coordinator

Chandler Gates, BSPH – Quality Improvement Associate

Jessica Stone, MPA – Quality Improvement Associate

Shanon Farrell – Quality Improvement Associate

Population Outreach Team

Beverly Newton, RN, CCM – Care Management Operations Director

Debbie Noreski – Patient Care Coordinator

Iva Keel – Patient Care Coordinator

Stephanie Person – Patient Care Coordinator

Pharmacy Team

Megan Rose, PharmD – Deputy Director, Network Pharmacist

Kim Thrasher, PharmD, FCCP, BCACP, CPP – Clinical Pharmacist

Glenn Herrington, PharmD, BCPS – Clinical Pharmacist

Debra Barnette, PharmD, CDE, BCPS, BCACP, FCCP – Clinical Pharmacist, Certified Diabetes Educator

Amy Beausang, PharmD  – Contract Clinical Pharmacist

Tyler Millage, CPhT – Certified Pharmacy Technician

Brandon Jackson, CPhT – Certified Pharmacy Technician

Lauren Clark, MSW, CCM – Clinical Program Integration Coordinator

Palliative Care Program

Debby Allen, MSW – Palliative Care Program Coordinator


Support Departments


Donna Meacham, CPA – Chief Financial Officer

Carie Craze – Accountant

Salania Evans – Accounting Clerk

Matt Wahl – IT Contractor

Human Resources

Sheila Mallard, Human Resources Associate Director

Administrative Team  

Sarah Ridout, MBA, SPHR – Communications and Development Director

Sherry Butler – Administrative Coordinator

Sherry Brookshire – Administrative Coordinator

Sherlon Elliott, BSBA – Administrative Assistant

Tania Corbi, BS – Executive Coordinator/HR