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Information Systems

Information Systems

A Data-Rich Resource for CCNC Partners

Community Care of North Carolina's “Informatics Center” is an electronic data exchange infrastructure maintained in connection with health care quality initiatives for the State of North Carolina sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services Division of Medical Assistance, Office of Rural Health and Community Care, and the United States Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). Currently, the Informatics Center contains health care claims data provided by Medicaid, as well as health information about program participants obtained directly from health care providers and care managers and/ or the primary care medical record. Medicaid provides a monthly update of Medicaid enrollment files and a weekly refresh of paid claims. Additional data sources include: Labcorps (laboratory results) for the statewide Medicaid population and real-time hospital admission/discharge/transfer data from 48 large NC hospitals (as of February 2011).

Information is accessed by the Community Care networks to identify patients in need of care coordination; to facilitate disease management, population management, and pharmacy management initiatives; to enable communication of key health information across settings of care; to monitor cost and utilization outcomes; and to monitor quality of care and provide performance feedback at the patient, practice, and network level.

For a more comprehensive overview of the Informatics Center, please visit Community Care of North Carolina. For more detailed information on the history of the Informatics Center, please click here.